Who I Am


I’m Australian and moved to NYC in 1996 when I married a cute boy from the Bronx.  We moved to California for a few years before settling down in Atlanta.

Prior to starting my own business in 2002, I had the opportunity to work with some amazing people in the 15 years that I was in administration.  I’ve worked at the largest global ad agency, Euro RSCG Worldwide in NYC where I coordinated the creation of marketing content and for Del Monte Foods and then Gap Inc. in San Francisco where I provided executive support to leadership teams during the launches of GapBody and GapMaternity.

In 2002, I decided to take my wealth of experience and channel it to an enterprise I can call my own.  Since then, I’ve helped a variety of businesses from a property management firm managing over 3,000 properties on the West Coast, to a membership-based organization on the East Coast, to an executive at a prominent non-profit in the Rockies and to several coaches, speakers and authors based in NY, San Francisco, Boston, Colorado, Virginia and Canada.

To complement my administrative background, in June 2003, I graduated from AssistU’s 20 week Virtual Training Program.  AssistU is the foremost school for Virtual Assistants and the comprehensive program focuses on business management, marketing, technology and business ethics.  I was also was the winner of the 2012 AssistU VA of the Year Award and currently serve on the panel of mentors for the AssistU Virtual Mentoring Program. I continue my education through ongoing business development, having recently completed Marie Forleo’s B School, Sharon Broughton’s Super VA School and all eight of the Digital Marketer certifications.

How I Came to Love Working with Coaches, Authors and Speakers

As a child, I considered my mother to be “crunchy”.  Other kids were downing multicolored frozen treats and I was given a bag of nuts.  Other kids were drinking soda and we were growing Kombucha mushrooms in the kitchen and watching their “babies” grow.  I was always cleaning the ring from endless cups of barleygreen.  Yet, I was the one that would walk 2 miles to school just so I could spend my bus money on chocolate bars during the walk home.

As I grew up, although I never did acquire a taste for Kombucha tea, I also didn’t acquire a taste for McDonalds, Coke and multicolored food.  I certainly knew what was healthy and what wasn’t and always figured that if I was going to put junk in my body, it was going to be worth it (i.e. I’d skip the Hershey’s Kisses and head straight for a bar of the darkest single-origin chocolate I could get my hands on).

A few years later, I had a brain aneurysm and am certain that the bodywork that my best friend performed on me while I was in the Neurological Intensive Care Unit contributed to my full recovery (I’m told that the average chance of making a full recovery from what I went through is around 5%).

Years after that, when I started getting migraines again (17 days out of 30!) and doctors and neurologists told me that I’d simply have to go on daily antidepressants and antiseizure medicines to prevent them (although I wasn’t depressed and certainly wasn’t getting seizures), I did the only thing left that I could think of – I called my mom.  She put me in touch with a fabulous holistic practitioner who was able to identify the root cause of my problems and fix the issue.

While I was dealing with my health issues, I was also working with a fabulous business coach and well… to cut a long story short, that put me on the path to realizing that I loved working with health coaches.

As time went on, I came to realize that that while what we put in our body is very important, what we put in our mind is just as important. Physical food is important, but how we are nourishing ourselves mentally and spiritually is essential. Just as it’s of no use to gulp a Slurpie after going to an acupuncturist, it’s of no use to live on kale and then not fully show up for yourself and connect to personal leadership in other areas of your life! This led me to working with transformational and leadership coaches – visionaries who were seeking to make change on a large scale.

I know that when I’m able to assist one game changer (whether it be in the area of health or leadership), it frees up their time to cause a ripple effect. Together, we’re able to change lives, and well… that’s a beautiful thing!