What I Do

When people ask what I do, my response is generally, “well… are you familiar with what an Executive Assistant and what a Project Manager does in a corporate environment?  That’s what I do, but I work with clients across the country from a distance”.

Having been a full time Virtual Assistant since 2002, the scope of what I do on a daily basis varies with each client. Some people refer to me as their Virtual Assistant.  Others call me their Online Business Manager.  Regardless of the title, what I do is a hybrid between the two and I take it a level further with a coaching component; I take a high level approach to look at where you are right now in your business, where you want to be and we piece together all the necessary strategic and technical components to help you grow your business.

Below are some of the typical things that I do for my coaching clients on a regular basis:

For me, it all starts with strategy.  Behind every profitable and successful business owner is a fabulous business coach.  I’m not a business coach. That being said, I have many clients that come out of business coaching sessions and just need an additional sounding board and strategic guidance so that they can implement what they’ve discussed with their coach. Are you still trying to figure out your niche and what pain points they face so that you can market to them effectively? Are you struggling with time management or organization and need some practical guidance and accountability around this? Do you need help establishing a direction for your next program? Do you want an honest and unbiased opinion on marketing materials, pricing strategy or site design? Do you need some out of the box brainstorming around lead generation?  Is that new thing that someone at a recent online marketing event is promoting actually good ROI for your specific business?  We’ll talk about whatever needs to be discussed so that you’re setting yourself up for long term success in your business.

Online Business Management and Project Management
Do you have a brick and mortar practice and need me to follow up with staff members or train new team members?  Do you need me to follow up with your webmaster to ensure that projects are running smoothly?  Do you want me to follow up with your graphic designer to ensure that she gets what she needs to move forward?  Did you hire a software developer to tweak your programs and need to ensure that your vision is carried through seamlessly, on time and on budget? Do you want me to pre-screen vendors?  I can follow up with everyone involved to ensure that your team is working like a well-oiled machine.

Launch Strategy
Got a big program coming up?  Who’s writing the content? Who’s working on the technical pieces? Do we need to source images? When do the doors for the program open and close? Is there an incentive for repeat clients? When are we dropping emails? What happens when people sign up? Are the payment buttons set up? Who’s designing the sales page? There are so many pieces in the launch strategy puzzle. I’ll provide the launch calendar and I’ll help tie together all the components that you’ve thought of (and many you may not have thought of) to ensure that your program goes off without a hitch and that all the deadlines are met.

Automating Systems and Processes
Are you clear on what happens after a consultation if someone says no or maybe to your services? Are you clear on what happens when they say yes? Or are you scrambling to put together agreements and welcome packets? Do you have a clear (and easy) way to astonish your clients? Let’s talk about setting up clear intake and follow up processes so that you can provide the best service and value possible to your clients. Do you have clients in 90 day programs or 21 day cleanses?  Is there information that you want to be able to “drop” to them (guidelines, inspirational quotes, handouts, other tools) on a daily basis so that it happens automatically without you having to sit at your computer and copy/paste emails to each individual client? I can automate these for you so that you can spend less time in front of your computer screen and more time developing new programs and coaching clients. We’ll also talk about what you can do to automate in other areas of your business.

Document Formatting/Proofing/Copyediting/Branding
It’s possible that you run a program and you’ll need to give informational packets to your clients (in either printed format, in a pdf via email, etc.). From cookbook e-books to application forms, handouts, client tracking worksheets and beyond, I can take care of ensuring that your materials look consistent, sharp and on-brand.

Newsletters/Email Blasts/Blog Posts
If there’s one thing that small business owners often fail to do, it’s ensuring that they’re communicating with their audience on a consistent basis and rewarding “frequent fliers” (those clients that keep coming back for more). I can help with setting up an editorial calendar complete with topic ideas that apply to your audience and also assist with the copy – researching topics, ghostwriting and locating images.  I’m familiar with the top email marketing platforms.  Do you communicate with your audience with traditional paper mailings for that additional touch?  I can do that too!

Social Media
Most people either love it or hate it but the reality is that for most industries, you need an online presence and you need to engage.  But… you don’t need to do it all yourself. We can brainstorm strategy that is in alignment with your personal posting preferences and I can research content, design posts, pre-schedule status updates and more.

Website Updates
While I recommend having a qualified webmaster on your team who is experienced with the platform that you’re working with (i.e. WordPress, Squarespace, etc.), I can perform basic day to day site edits such as ensuring that your calendar of events is always up to date and switch out copy as needed.  I’m frequently in and out of Wordpress.

Got a workshop, cleanse or other local event coming up?  Do you want to post a flyer with your coaching services at your local gym, chiropractor’s office, health food store or other local business?  I can draft this from scratch, sourcing images, assisting with copy and doing the layout.

Are you considering launching a new program?  A great way is to find out what your current and prospective clients want more of!  Do you want to get feedback from participants on a recent program so that you can continually improve your offerings? A great way to do this is by sending out a survey!

Technical Research
As you continue to grow your practice, you know that your technological needs continue to shift.  If you’re considering switching phone systems, appointment setting software, newsletter platforms or want to get a better system for document sharing, backups etc., let’s talk about what your needs are.  Just because someone else stood up on a platform and said that you need XYZ for your business, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right move for you and your business.  Let’s talk about the ins and outs of what you truly need and I’ll help you with my experience and additional research so that you can make an informed choice about what’s right for you.

I can stay abreast of potential media opportunities, research speaking gigs, identify ways to stay top of mind with speaking agencies and recommend areas for you to get more exposure.

Customer Service
Although I don’t provide incoming live phone answering services for my clients, I’m happy to filter questions from clients, program participants, prospects, the media and vendors by email and to reach out to people by phone.

Misc. Administrative
Are the general day to day items bogging you down?  Did you plan to work on program materials this morning and then realized by 3pm that you got caught up in the administrative?  Let me take that off your plate so you can get back to what you intended to do in the first place!

  • Calendar updates and scheduling (including setting up systems like Acuity Scheduling to create a seamless scheduling process for your clients)
  • Communications – letters, emails, follow up
  • Create operational procedures manuals (because you should have step by step instructions on how to do things in your business when I’m on vacation or if another person needs to step in)
  • Create/crop/touch up images
  • Establish schedules for programs
  • Event planning (including locating conference space, coordination with vendors, etc.)
  • Online ordering – flowers, gifts, office supplies, books, business cards, other products
  • Presentation design – PowerPoint
  • Research (gifts, products, new vendors, you name it…)
  • Travel arrangements

It’s all about growing your business and getting you to where you want to be.  Let’s talk!