What My Clients Say

If you look up the word AWESOME in the dictionary, Gayle’s picture would be there! Gayle is my fab right hand woman! I’m grateful for her and cannot express how valuable she is to me and the success of Laugh Yourself Skinny. Gayle has assisted with building a strong business foundation and supports me with both the day to day running of my business (e-zine, blog posts, shopping cart management, customer support, scheduling, documenting processes, website maintenance, coordination of program/marketing materials, etc.), and project management during large projects such as product and website launches and rebranding. Gayle is not just about tasks – I love that she cares deeply about my business and thinks out of the box by providing brilliant strategic suggestions for improvement, whether it be social media ideas, list building, feedback on creative pieces, thoughts on client care, ways to make processes more streamlined and more. She has an eye to detail, often catching what I don’t and provided the most detailed launch calendar I’ve ever seen, tying together all aspects and ensuring that projects are moving along with all i’s dotted and t’s crossed. I appreciate her dedication behind the scenes to ensure that things go smoothly before, during and after a launch. Her high level of attention, support and trustworthiness makes me feel confident with handing off both big and small items. Gayle has a high level of communication and follow up with clients, vendors and other team members and goes out of her way to ensure that deadlines are met. Gayle is my saving grace! I love working with her! ~ Jessica Procini, Laugh Yourself Skinny

When I started working with Gayle I was overwhelmed with having to juggle all the aspects of my health coaching practice.  Gayle has been a breath of fresh air – supporting me with the management of the day to day moving pieces of my business, such as tracking registrations for my many classes and workshops, social media, website maintenance, landing pages, setting up email sequences, copyediting written materials, ghostwriting, research, drafting program packets, design work, collaborating with other business partners and implementing all the necessary administrative and technical pieces.  She also partners with me on strategy and planning, paying attention to metrics and guiding me so that I can prioritize my focus so that my business continues to grow.  She’s supportive and cheers me on, but isn’t afraid to “tell me how it is” and challenges me to ensure we’re moving in the direction that is right for me and my business.  Gayle is professional, organized, efficient and timely.  I can rely on Gayle to pay close attention to the details of the projects that we’re collaborating on.  She goes above and beyond – whether it’s locating new resources and opportunities or working tirelessly to ensure that I get the last seat on that flight, or to get that last minute sign up in to one of my programs.  What stands out about Gayle is that she’s a true partner – she genuinely cares about my business and it shows in the consistent care that provides.  I love working with Gayle and I’m so grateful and relieved that I don’t have to do all of this by myself! ~ Alyson Chugerman, Attain True Health

Hiring Gayle was the best thing I’ve done for my business. Before hiring Gayle my client communication was inconsistent and I couldn’t imagine creating an on-line launch. With Gayle’s support work is completed ahead of our schedule, easing stress and making my business a joy to operate. After managing a large department for many years, I knew starting a business was a team effort. When looking for a VA I wanted two qualities: a partner who was experienced in the areas of on-line business that I was learning and someone who cared as much about my business as I do. I found both those qualities and more with Gayle. I love that she takes my ideas and runs with them on her own, checking in along the way to ensure we’re on the same page. More than a VA, I consider Gayle a trusted business adviser and friend. ~ Jackie Vanover, Real Life Healthy

I have only been working with Gayle for a few months, but have already seen my productivity multiplied exponentially. I have not only appreciated Gayle’s excellence in administrative assistant services, but have also found her business advice to be helpful, sound and has helped me move forward in a few areas I was struggling with. Gayle is helping me as much on business development as she is with business support. ~ Gayle Hilgendorff, The Healthy Leader

I love having Gayle as my Virtual Assistant.  Gayle has supported me with setting up automated systems, formatting and editing program materials, ensuring that my branding is consistent, creating accountability for me by setting up editorial and launch calendars to ensure that launches flow seamlessly with all deadlines being met and that communication with my audience is consistent. I love that I can relax and trust that things are getting done without having to double check and micromanage any processes – I can let go and know that things will be taken care of. What’s also great about Gayle is that she understands the health coaching industry and genuinely enjoys what she does.  With her specialized knowledge, she is a sounding board and able to provide valuable guidance with regards to business planning, marketing, niching, content, list building and program delivery. I highly recommend Gayle if you’re looking for a strategic and experienced VA/project manager who can provide a high level of personalized support to your business! ~ Cortney Chaite, Cortney Chaite Coaching

Without exception and always with good cheer, Gayle has responded to every request we have made of her in a timely, professional, and complete manner. Her follow-up is extraordinary and always sensitive to the other demands on my time. In contract management, correspondence, and logistics, she has shown a much appreciated attention to detail, including careful proofreading of documents. Her research and recommendations for office systems and equipment have been sound and thorough, and reflect great good sense and realistic regard for budgetary and technical limitations. Performance of many of the tasks has required that she be given access to confidential information – items she handles with impeccable integrity and care. I feel extremely fortunate to know Gayle and to have her as part of my virtual staff. ~ Elizabeth Vasile Galin, Ariste Research Group 

The results have been nothing less than expected… excellent! Gayle is a wonderful person and a true professional with a strong work ethic. Gayle has a very sharp mind, is well organized, very creative, has excellent technical skills and is a delight to work with. She is proactive, always planning ahead to address important issues before they become urgent. This is so important in my line of work. The flexibility that Gayle affords me in my occupation provides peace of mind.  Gayle is the best administrative assistant I have ever worked with. It is hard to imagine my life, or my business without her. Gayle is part of my team and an asset to both me and my business. ~ Jay Spangenberg, Advanced Property Management

She will “search for what is unsaid” when discussing assignments, and confirm she knows what is needed before proceeding. Her intelligence and capability saves me time and aggravation because she does not need to be micromanaged. Gayle freely suggests alternatives that she feels are in my best interest, particularly when they will save time and use less of my retainer. Gayle anticipates my needs by suggesting completion dates for projects before I even ask, and she consistently meets deadlines.  Gayle possesses a superlative “telephone personality” – in my opinion an extremely important trait since VA-Client communication is virtual and there is no “face time”. She is both extremely professional and a likeable person with whom to conduct business. She represents my personal and business pursuits to others via telephone and in correspondence in a manner that reflects positively on both of us.  To summarize, Gayle is an outstanding VA. ~ C. Kron

Gayle is very detail oriented which is critical to our property management business. She works with great vigor to complete her assigned task on time and completely. Gayle is a valued resource to our company and I highly recommend her to anyone needing detailed administrative assistance. ~ M. Babich

Gayle has been a key part of our team for the past nine years. Her projects have involved research and implementation of new technology, working closely with our software developer on the execution of a custom database, coordination of all company communications (newsletters, budgets, annual meeting materials, marketing packets, client correspondence), following up with contractors to ensure that they have appropriate insurance coverage before we assign them to client properties, setup and training for our new staff and putting together all the other pieces of the puzzle that come with running a busy office. I’d recommend her for any project that requires out of the box thinking, attention to detail and meticulous follow up. ~ N. Spangenberg