Specializing in serving the needs of transformational and holistic health coaches
Are you ready to take your business to the next level?
Who I Am

Just because you run your own business does not mean you don’t deserve the high level administrative support of a corporate executive. After 15 years of being an Executive Assistant for high-powered corporate executives at Fortune 500 companies, I then spent the next 14 years providing that same high level support as a full time Virtual Assistant.  I’m honored to work mostly with transformational coaches and holistic health coaches. These fabulous and inspiring business owners are focused on making others feel and live better and I’m focused on helping their businesses thrive.   I support coaches so that they can make change on a larger scale.

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What I Do

When people ask what I do, my response is generally, “well… are you familiar with what an Executive Assistant and what a Project Manager does in a corporate environment?  That’s what I do, but I work with clients across the country from a distance”.

Having been a full time Virtual Assistant since 2002, the scope of what I do on a daily basis varies with each client. Some people refer to me as their Virtual Assistant.  Others call me their Online Business Manager.  Regardless of the title, what I do is a hybrid between the two and I take it a level further with a coaching component; I take a high level approach to look at where you are right now in your business, where you want to be and we piece together all the necessary strategic and technical components to help you grow your business.

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What My Clients Say

If you look up the word AWESOME in the dictionary, Gayle’s picture would be there! Gayle is my fab right hand woman! I’m grateful for her and cannot express how valuable she is to me and the success of Laugh Yourself Skinny. Gayle has assisted with building a strong business foundation and supports me with both the day to day running of my business (e-zine, blog posts, shopping cart management, customer support, scheduling, documenting processes, website maintenance, coordination of program/marketing materials, etc.), and project management during large projects such as product and website launches and rebranding. Gayle is not just about tasks – I love that she cares deeply about my business and thinks out of the box by providing brilliant strategic suggestions for

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